Jokebede Mezidor

Jokebede Mezidor, a Staff Scientist at Coastal Risk has completed her Masters in Urban and Regional Planning at Florida Atlantic University with a concentration in GIS. Ms. Mezidor has provided technical consulting services to environmental professionals, municipalities, and private entities for wastewater disposal, storm water management, environmental compliance, public water supply, and land redevelopment and asset management projects, and has served as a university instructor in multiple GIS curricula and applications. She is proficient with numerous geospatial, geologic, and hydrological database and modeling software packages and possesses extensive knowledge of environmental regulations.


CRC Shares Insights on Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding at Leading Conferences

  • Adaptation Canada, April 2016
  • Environmental Seminar and Earth Day UpdateUniversity of Pennsylvania, May 2016
  • PROVIA Adaptation Futures, Netherlands, May 2016 
  • Sea Level Rise & South FL Real Estate, Fort Lauderdale, FL May 2016  
  • Wharton Business Radio Show, Preparing for Rising Sea Levels, May 2016

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"My property of 55-acres in Boca was in a flood zone. But, with Coastal Risk's Rapid Assessment, I was able to show my buyers that the future flood risk potential for the property was low. I will certainly recommend and use CRC in all future real estate transactions. It has changed my way of analyzing value."

Rae Kotler
Boca Raton Executive Golf Club Corp.

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