CRC helps our clients get climate ready and storm safe.

CRC’s affordable FIRST Score® and Coastal Risk Rapid Assessment™ reports help homeowners learn their vulnerability to flooding and take successful adaptation measures to protect their home and property.

Identifies a property’s risk of:

  • Hurricane Storm Surge
  • Extreme Tides and Sea Level Rise
  • Groundwater Inundation and Heavy Rainfall

Package includes:

  • FIRST Score®: CRC’s proprietary, science-based risk score of tidal/sea level rise flooding now and in the future
  • Government Designated Risk Categories: Flood Zone, Wind Zone, Community Rating Score, Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA)
  • Coastal Risk Groundwater/Heavy Rainfall Flooding and Hurricane Storm Surge assessments 

Sample FIRST Score®


Provides an in-depth analysis including where, when, and how deep flooding is projected to occur on a property over time.

Package includes:

  • Full-color maps of the property with location and duration of tidal/sea level rise flooding and hurricane storm surge flooding
  • Multi-Year views
  • Detailed analysis and commentary by our scientific experts

Sample Coastal Risk Rapid Assessment™

  • CRC produces customized FIRST Score® and Coastal Risk Rapid Assessment™ risk analysis packages for any scale or configuration of a property or group of properties including partial or complete neighborhoods and entire communities, as well as large commercial, industrial and governmental sites. Contact us for a custom quote.


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CRC Shares Insights on Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding at Leading Conferences

  • Adaptation Canada, April 2016
  • Environmental Seminar and Earth Day UpdateUniversity of Pennsylvania, May 2016
  • PROVIA Adaptation Futures, Netherlands, May 2016 
  • Sea Level Rise & South FL Real Estate, Fort Lauderdale, FL May 2016  
  • Wharton Business Radio Show, Preparing for Rising Sea Levels, May 2016

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"Duke Properties is a provider of world-class service in the property management business. Having had personal experiences with Superstorm Sandy, we wanted our clients to understand their flooding risks and be prepared. Our management used Coastal Risk's innovative flood and storm models on our private residences. Understanding the value to us, personally, we are now integrating flood prediction modeling into our business processes. Additionally, the staff at Coastal Risk is very knowledgeable and responsive and will take the time needed to explain the model results and discuss cost-effective, adaptation options. This is an exciting new product for the property management industry, which will help us make more informed decisions in the future as climate changes."

Albert Dweck
Duke Properties

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