"In South Florida, among the worst-hit parts of the country for sunny-day flooding, people are not waiting for state or federal help. Those who can afford it are starting to act on their own. Coastal Risk Consulting has cropped up to advise them, and is offering its services nationally."

-The New York Times

Individuals now have a cloud-based tool at their fingertips

Coastal Risk is committed to helping clients get climate ready and storm safe by providing the tools needed for informed flood-risk decision-making today and decades into the future.

Coastal Risk Consulting is the first company to provide millions of coastal homeowners, as well as businesses and local governments, with state-of-the-art flood risk assessment. With Coastal Risk’s geospatial modeling, individuals now have access to detailed information outlining a specific property’s risk of flooding in 5-year increments over 30 years. This is incredibly useful for property managers or homeowners looking to secure their properties’ long-term:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Maintenance

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"I received the FIRST Score® assessment from Coastal Risk Consulting. The report presents very professionally and I am happy with the results. It does make me think about adding a 1-2 foot stem wall to any construction I may plan. Current guidelines do not dictate that, but 20-30 years from now it might affect resale. Thanks for introducing me to what you are doing!"

-Florida Gulf Coast Property Owner

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CRC Shares Insights on Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding at Leading Conferences

  • Adaptation Canada, April 2016
  • Environmental Seminar and Earth Day UpdateUniversity of Pennsylvania, May 2016
  • PROVIA Adaptation Futures, Netherlands, May 2016 
  • Sea Level Rise & South FL Real Estate, Fort Lauderdale, FL May 2016  
  • Wharton Business Radio Show, Preparing for Rising Sea Levels, May 2016

Client Testimonials

See What Clients Say About the Value of CRC’s Products

"Coastal Risk's future in my view is truly limitless on a Global scope. Your reports and oversight comments helped me quantify the relevant time frames on sea level rise for our three condo properties. This fact based horizon is quite impressive, of course, subject to the projections into the future grounded in scientific research of provable indicators."

Larry Rentz
Former NFL Player and Coral Gables Football Legend

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