Helping Homeowners Get Climate-Ready and Storm Safe

Helping Homeowners Get Climate-Ready and Storm Safe

The risk of flooding from sea-level rise and tidal storm surge is increasing steadily. Homes, businesses and communities are exposed on a scale that was unthinkable just a few years ago. In 2016 alone over a dozen weather and climate-related disasters in the U.S. caused more than $1 billion in economic losses.

“This is not some dystopic future,” says Albert Slap, president of Coastal Risk Consulting. “Today, if you go to Miami, Norfolk, Atlantic City, or the Gulf Coast during the King Tide you have extensive non-storm tidal flooding.”

So how to tackle this situation and make sure that homeowners are prepared?

With over half the U.S. population living in coastal areas, we certainly don’t believe retreating from the coast is the answer. Now is a critical time to learn your flood risk and to adapt and prepare. We believe that better information will lead to better planning and risk management. In 2014, our scientists developed a new state-of the art flood modeling platform by integrating data from FEMA, the National Flood Insurance Program, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other sources with our proprietary algorithm to map flooding down to the property level. Our cloud-based model determines an individual property’s flood risk, revolutionizing flood predictions by combining high-resolution elevation data (LIDAR) with storm and tidal projections, including sea-level rise, groundwater inundation and heavy rainfall.

In protecting your home, knowledge is the first line of defense.

A comprehensive assessment of flood risks should be a critical component of the home buying and maintenance process. From actionable geospatial data, Coastal Risk produces our FIRST Score® and Coastal Risk Rapid Assessment™ property reports. These detailed reports, available at, enable each individual client to evaluate the flood risk of a property currently and in five-year increments over the next 30 years. Using these reports, homeowners could make adaptations to their properties that can save them huge amounts in the future.

Our team, in collaboration with engineering and scientific partners, is also on call to advise you on issues related to planning and design, sustainable construction, transportation, water management and emergency preparedness.

At Coastal Risk, we believe that our technology is a game-changer.

For the first time, with Coastal Risk’s modeling, individuals now have access to detailed information identifying their specific property’s risk of flooding. This can be incredibly valuable for homeowners or property managers looking to secure the safety, security and long-term maintenance of assets.

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  • Environmental Seminar and Earth Day UpdateUniversity of Pennsylvania, May 2016
  • PROVIA Adaptation Futures, Netherlands, May 2016 
  • Sea Level Rise & South FL Real Estate, Fort Lauderdale, FL May 2016  
  • Wharton Business Radio Show, Preparing for Rising Sea Levels, May 2016

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"After Hurricane Sandy, I was really worried about my property on Long Beach Island, NJ. Despite the immense pleasure our family derives from the house, thoughts of constant flooding and aggravation forced me to consider selling the property. Thanks to the assessment by Coastal Risk Consulting, I was reassured that our property sits on high ground and is at relatively low risk of flooding over the next two decades. The CRC report provided me with the peace of mind I needed to continue to enjoy and invest in our house. I will definitely recommend CRC to my friends and neighbors. Thanks again for providing the report."

David A. Paul, MD
Chair, Department of Pediatrics
Christiana Care Health System

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