Arming everyone within an organization with the best knowledge and data available to understand current, mid, and long-term impacts from increasing flood types and intensities is the first step toward next gen risk management, business continuity and capital decision making.  

Identifying and defining the vulnerability of physical and economic assets to flooding equips an organization with the critical information needed to prioritize, budget for and execute adaptation plans that lower their risks to impacts from tidal, sea level rise, hurricane and storm flooding, as well as heavy rainfall and groundwater inundation.

CRC's analysis and mapping of a property's vulnerability to various forms of flooding – whether current or expected in the future -- is fast becoming an essential business tool. CRC’s multi-year flood analyses, supported by advanced tools (“Coastal Risk Rapid Assessment™”) can be applied to the planning and decision-making processes used for acquisitions and mergers, divestitures, development, operations, capital improvements, sourcing, transportation, safety, and sustainability across all sectors & industries. 

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Who Can Benefit from CRC’s services?

Coastal Risk’s products and services enable real estate brokers, insurance companies, banks, and mortgage providers, servicers and investors to more completely evaluate the economic risks of their real estate transactions and their portfolios. For real estate brokers, knowing a property’s risk of flooding is of crucial importance in serving clients and meeting licensure requirements regarding full disclosure of property conditions.

Mortgage lenders and insurance companies can similarly benefit by accessing a fuller accounting of a property’s flood vulnerability – especially from non-storm related flooding, and ground water inundation.  

Financial institutions that package mortgage-backed securities and those that own portfolios containing real estate assets are wisely moving toward incorporating future focused analyses of changing flood patterns and intensities into their strategic investment decisions. 

Telecoms and Utilities with assets located in tidally influenced areas use CRC vulnerability studies to make better equipment siting and installation decisions, as well as prioritize adaptation solutions and plans for their most critical assets.  The benefits range from reduced outages & improved reputation to avoided maintenance, equipment replacement, and emergency retrofitting costs. 

CRC experts assist corporate clients in evaluating and strategizing coastal risks in the US and worldwide. This includes climate vulnerabilities related to: (1) continued availability and quality of natural resources (2) current or potential locations or siting of facilities; (3) availability of alternative energy and water supplies; (4) adaptation pathways; (5) community impacts; (6) logistics, shipping and supply chain impacts; and, (7) preparing for future standards and regulatory changes.

The cost benefit of adaptation strategies are industry and site specific and will vary from location to location, and often require multi-stakeholder involvement.  Coastal Risk’s management and science professionals have depth in working with governments at the local, municipal, state and federal levels and can serve as a bridge and a convener bringing together diverse stakeholders and linking public and private sector interests for capacity- and resilience-building.”



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CRC Shares Insights on Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding at Leading Conferences

  • Adaptation Canada, April 2016
  • Environmental Seminar and Earth Day UpdateUniversity of Pennsylvania, May 2016
  • PROVIA Adaptation Futures, Netherlands, May 2016 
  • Sea Level Rise & South FL Real Estate, Fort Lauderdale, FL May 2016  
  • Wharton Business Radio Show, Preparing for Rising Sea Levels, May 2016

Client Testimonials

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"After Hurricane Sandy, I was really worried about my property on Long Beach Island, NJ. Despite the immense pleasure our family derives from the house, thoughts of constant flooding and aggravation forced me to consider selling the property. Thanks to the assessment by Coastal Risk Consulting, I was reassured that our property sits on high ground and is at relatively low risk of flooding over the next two decades. The CRC report provided me with the peace of mind I needed to continue to enjoy and invest in our house. I will definitely recommend CRC to my friends and neighbors. Thanks again for providing the report."

David A. Paul, MD
Chair, Department of Pediatrics
Christiana Care Health System

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